Leeds Twissup

So whilst down in ‘that London’ last weekend I bumped into Matt at Camden Brewery and got talking about a Leeds meet up. Leeds is a great place to drink at the moment with a growing number of places serving GREAT beer. It got me thinking….lets have a Twissup.

The date in question is 29th November, destination TBC, probably meet at eiter Tapped or NMBCo from 12.30pm.

Leeds Twissup

Probable Questions:

Why the 29th November, that’s ages away!

I have chosen a date that is around people’s pay dates and is far enough away for everyone to get the cheapest possible train/bus tickets.

12.30pm, that’s a bit early!

People who want to join later can! Making this an all day event makes it more flexible – come and go when you want to.


I have chosen Tapped as it’s quite close to the station and big enough inside for a group. Like the other Tapped Pubs (Pivni, York Tap, Sheffield Tap, Euston Tap) it has a large cask & keg selection for the real ale lover/craft w*nker.

If NMBCo is open by then, we may start there.

We will obviously be making the pilgrimage up to North Bar.

If people have any suggestions as to where they would like to go, let me know. Here are a few potentials:

Friends of Ham should have finished their extension by then.

Bundobust is just round the corner too. Bit of a write up from Leigh on it. Cracking place and potential for easy/cheap eats.

Whitelocks is the oldest pub in Leeds, great for cask.

There are lots of places up by North Bar too. Reliance, The SocialSela Bar, Belgrave Music Hall.

Full itinerary TBC nearer the time

How do I get in contact for more details or if I have any questions?

Twitter – LeedsBeerWolf

Please feel free to invite other beer lovers to this meet up. I look forward to seeing you there!



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