Leeds Twissup Itinerary – November 29th

I have set timings for each place so people will know where we are at different points in the day.

Itinerary for the day then:

12.30pm – Northern Monk Refectory 
Only opened on 24th October. Over 15 taps to choose from. If you are feeling peckish food on site from Grub and Grog Shop. This is a small walk out of town from the station. I thought it would be good for people who don’t live in Leeds to see this great new place. Leave here around 1.45pm.


We will have a space reserved for us in here.

2pm – Bundobust
A great selection of keg beers and bottles. Also, the Indian Snack food is bloody good.

Marko has informed me that the guys here are ready for us!

3.15pm – Tapped
Probably the bar with the largest keg / cask / bottle selection in Leeds. Beers from all over the UK and the rest of the world. Pizza anyone?

I have informed Richard of our arrival

4.15pm – Friends of Ham
The refurb has made space for over 50 bums on seat and a much bigger bar giving a wider choice of beers. Lots of beers in the fridge too.

Friends of Ham are unable to reserve us a space, so we may struggle to get in. If this is the case, we will go next door to Brewery Tap or we can just stay in Tapped. We shall see what the vibe is on the day.

5.30pm – Whitelocks
If the weather is OK I thought it would be good to take a trip to Leeds oldest pub. I say weather depending as we will most likely end up standing outside. It’s a bit cramped inside for a large group of people. Cask only, but you may get a bottle of blue moon if you are lucky.

6.15pm – Belgrave Music Hall
Thought we would go here to re-charge and re-fuel before we go to North Bar. Resident pizza guys, Dough Boys, will give you a slice to keep you going that bit longer or there will be a guest street food vendor on site. e.g Patty Smiths

7.30pm – North Bar
No description required

North Bar are unable to reserve us a space, but I knew this already, they are going to have something very special on keg for us all, this has been waiting in the cellar for us!

Please feel free to invite any friends and/or partners!

Let me know if you are planning on coming, just so I have an idea of numbers.


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